30 September 2008

Buy to Let Mortgage product choice obliterated

The concept that that there are significantly fewer repossessions from buy to lets compared to residential mortgages needs to be examined again as I suspect that it is no longer the case.

The buy to let product choice has been obliterated as nearly 90% of the buy to let products have been stripped out of the UK market. The residential market has also been hit hard losing 60% of its products in a 24-hour period.It appears that lenders have little to non-existent appetite to lend and it will take a while for stability in the market to return.

28 September 2008

Code of Practice for Commercial Leases in England & Wales

Code of Practice for Commercial Leases in England & Wales

Although this code of practice is voluntary, most large commercial landlords have now signed up to it.


Stamp Duty Land Tax Avoidance Scheme for Properties

It is possible and above board to use the services of a specialists solictors to remove Stamp Duty from properties of £500,000 or more. As you may be aware transanctions above this amount attract a 4% tax rate.

A specialist taxation solicitors charge a fee for this service which is 2% of the purchase price of the property. This equals half of the Stamp Duty that should have been paid.

From a client s point of view their costings are halved.

Important Information:

1. Property Value must be >£500 000
2. The client can use a solicitor of their choice for Conveyancing
3. The client must have received a mortgage offer to apply.

And yes it really is this simple!

It is legitimate. Our Solicitors have been running this scheme for 4 years and process 40-50 cases a month. To date they have a 100% success rate.

This scheme takes account of legislation changes made in the pre budget of December 2006 and in particular s75A Finance Act Please note that if you wish to speak to the solicitors they will will be more than happy to speak with you in detail.

Please email at: info@easy4life.com


The current law does not allow care home owners to register for and reclaim VAT however this was not always the case.There has been a change in the law which now prevents residential care homes from treating their supplies as standard rated for VAT purposes since 2002, there is a possibility that they can recover input tax suffered up to that point.

In a test case which was won on appeal, residential care home Kingscrest successfully argued that because it was a partnership it was not covered by the exemption for healthcare under UK legislation and as a result its services must be standard rated.

Since its clients were Local Authorities who could reclaim the VAT on fees, Kingscrest could pass on the VAT chargeable to the relevant Local Authority and recover the input tax on its running costs.

As a result of the case, new legislation was brought into effect on 21 March 2002 making it clear that the provision of care in a residential home was exempt from VAT.

However, there is no reason why the operators of a residential home cannot decide that it was making standard rated supplies up to 21 March 2002 and benefit from a reduction in their overheads up to the time the law was amended.

Care homes which are interested in pursuing this opportunity will need to make a backdated application to register for VAT.

The above means that eligible residential homes can backdate a VAT registration to 1/1/93, account for VAT on their income and reclaim VAT on expenditure, then deregister with effect from 31/12/02. Some of the claims could be substantial and tend to average £50,000.

Please contact me for further information if you wish to claim on a NO WIN= No FEE Basis.

Please take advantage of this before HMRC find a way of stopping these claims.

email: info@easy4life.com

Payment Protection Insurance Sales Flawed

The Competition Commission published its provisional findings into the sale of PPI in the UK. In its review the Commission has offered its own thoughts on what it calls serious problems within the PPI market. It also focuses on the distribution of PPI and that that the companies who sell these face little or no competition when selling PPI.

It is possible to claim compensation for the mis-sale of a PPI policy. I I am able to assist if you require guidance on a PPI compensation claim.

Have you taken out at least one single premium payment protection insurance insurance policy over last the six years? If so, you may be entitled to thousands of pounds of compensation.

There are over £6 billion worth of payment protection insurance policies out there in the UK and a large portion of them have been mis-sold.

Have you been mis-sold?Do you know that you may have been mis-sold a Payment Protection Insurance Policy and that you may have a valid claim if the company, or its agent, that sold you the policy failed in any one of these areas:

You were not in work or self employed at the time of sale.
You were told that you had to take the PPI out at the same time as the loan or not at all.
You were not asked whether you had any other insurance which would cover the loan.
You were not told you could buy PPI elsewhere to cover the loan.
You were sold a policy which had age restrictions which you fell outside of.
You were led to believe that Payment Protection Insurance was compulsory.
You were told that you would stand more chance of getting the loan if you took the Payment Protection Insurance.
It was not explained to you that there were certain exclusions within the policy that could affect you.
You paid upfront for the PPI but it was not explained that there were some PPI policies where you could pay monthly.
Your PPI was an upfront premium and you repaid the loan early and received no refund.
You increased your loan and the PPI was increased automatically.

If you can answer yes to just one of these questions then contact meimmediately on info@easy4life.com and I will put you in touch with financial consultants who can assist you with your PPI compensation claim on a no win no fee basis.

22 September 2008

Would you like to start a new profitable Business?

A unique opportunity for you to start your own profitable and No Risk business with No capital outlay. There is an opportunity to establish your own Financial Claims Management business specialising in Financial Services. You need have no prior knowledge of any financial products as we will supply you with initial training and ongoing assistance as well as all the paperwork you require to set up.

Examples of Financial Claims Cases won:

Mr A from Solihull recieved £6,000 from Natwest within 9 weeks of us taking his Business Bank Charges claim on.We earned £1,500 and got around 3 referrals as well.

In a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Case, Our Clients Mr& Mrs s Y recieved a refund of £9,000 from their loan with Firstplus within 10 weeks of us claiming for them.

We have recently started to work with a ex-property developer who was looking for a new opportunity due to the difficulties in the property market. Within 3 weeks of starting he is looking at a potential income of £6,500 when these cases are paid out.

For further information and to have a initial confidential discussion contact me on info@easy4life.com or 07974650751