01 March 2009

Biggest Business Opportunity in 2009

A fantastic opportunity to earn £50,000 a year plus by setting up your own business in Financial Claims Management with no upfront capital outlay.

What is claims management?
Claims Management is the process by which compensation is obtained for clients involved in accidents, work related injuries, employment issues as well as financial products which have been mis-sold. The Claims Management business has evolved from being regarded as 'ambulance chasing' in the early 90’s to being a multi billion pound industry.

Size of the general claims market?
The size of the entire claims markets is huge as it encompasses: Personal Injury, Housing Disrepair, Employment, Criminal Injury, Industrial Injuries and our specialist sector -Financial Services.

According to DataMonitor the Personal Injury Market alone will have 775,958 claims in 2011/12 and be worth 8 Billion. The figures on Industrial Injuries are huge as well as there are a large number of claims relating to asbestos and mining issues. Jim Beresford the Principal Solicitor at Beresfords which deals with the Miners Compensation Scheme has earned over £16 Million annually for the last few years.

In our area of operation -Financial Services claims market, a small number of firms dominate including Brunel Franklin, Claim2Gain. The rewards on offer for those who are able to build a business of scale are huge. Brunel Franklin has won over 100 Million in compensation for clients and based on their average fee of 25%, they have made £25 Million in fee income over three years.

The Business Opportunity

This opportunity to start a financial claims management business with no capital outlay is for anyone regardless of background or experience who is motivated and serious about making money. In the past this has been attractive to Mortgage brokers, IFAs, Estate agents- mainly businesses which have an existing client database.

What do we do?

1. CLEAR debts: Credit Cards, Store Cards, Unsecured Loans, Secured Loans, HP Finance, Car Loans/Finance, Overdrafts, Seek compensation against Mortgages,
Without the need of Bankruptcy, IVA, Debt Management or Consolidation and therefore without adversely affecting the credit rating of the client.

2. Reclaim mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), Business Bank Charges and Mortgage Arrears Fees

Background Information

On 29 June 2006 the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) published guidance on how provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 2006 may be used to protect consumers. The provisions relating to unfair relationships between borrowers and lenders came into force in July 2007. This new act updates the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It aims to create a fairer, clearer and more competitive Consumer Credit market and to improve protection for consumers. The Act enables borrowers to challenge credit agreements on the grounds that the relationship between the parties is unfair.

What does this mean?

Key changes to The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (“the Act”) means that some Credit Cards and Loans issued before 6th April 2007 could be totally “written off” through our legal process as a result of unfair relationships i.e. invalid, unenforceable or fundamentally flawed consumer credit agreements.
Many lenders/institutions may have failed to have internal systems robust enough to ensure adherence to the strict requirements of The Act in relation to agreements.
If a credit agreement is found to be unenforceable the agreement could be cancelled and no further payments made, any goods purchased would not have to be returned and in many cases payments that have been made under the agreement would be returned
The following as previously mentioned are just some of the agreements that may fall in to this category • Credit Cards • Car Loans/Finance • Unsecured Loans • Secured Loans • Consolidation Loans • Hire Purchase • Store Cards.
It is estimated that as many as 50% of Credit/Loan Agreements in issued may be unenforceable. We have solicitors on hand to check credit/loan agreements between £5,000 and £25,000.
As mentioned above - It is possible to: (a) legally have credit card/loan balances 100% written off without affecting your credit file at all.(b) Reclaim the charges/interest paid on the debt!

Take a look at the link below with a quote from a judge and a statement that failure by a lender to observe strictly the intricate requirements of the Consumer Credit Act can lead to a credit agreement being completely unenforceable with no right of restitution or other form of relief:

Is there a Market?

With approximately 50 million credit agreements created in the UK each year and an estimated 20 million PPI policies currently in force in the UK, the potential for this business is staggering. This business is predicted to be many times bigger than personal injury claims and is already proving to be very relevant to the current climate as people are eager to get their debts written off.
In a recent press release, a Halifax client claimed she was told she should take out payment protection insurance (previously referred to ASU- accident, sickness and unemployment cover) on a loan when she went into a branch on crutches while off work.
The 43 year old hospital worker, who had a major knee operation says that she went into her local branch to apply for a loan when her wages dropped by 50% after being off work for 6 months.
Despite already being off work and her medical condition not being covered under the policy, she claims she was told that she needed to take out the policy!

This is just one recent example of a reported case. There are many other examples of mi-selling and fines that have recently been declared. In October 2008, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) fined Alliance and Leicester or £7 million as it sold 210,000 policies between January 2005 to December 2007 without advising customers of the cost of PPI.

Final thoughts.....

It is my belief that this is the right proposition for the right time, the market that we are in is
increasing on a daily basis with the continuation of the credit crunch, people are falling into
mortgage arrears on a monthly basis, incurring bank charges on a daily basis.

This proposition is likely to find favour with potential customers as customers are keen on services where they can either make/save money. Our initial product offering is all about getting customers money back or reducing their debt. We are tapping into this thinking and therefore we have the basis for a business of scale and one that can be durable.

If you are a confident, self-motivated, sales driven individual who can give dedication and commitment, then you will receive:
Initial training and one to one management support. All future back office support is provided.
Opportunity to build your own team.
Opportunity to work for your yourself - with uncapped earning potential (earn what you want).

For further details please send me an email accompanied by your CV to: