10 January 2010

Best Wishes for 2010

2009 has mixed year - many businesses have failed, some have relaunched again immediately under various initiatives including pre-pack administration deals and we will see more of these to come in 2010. There also been a significant increase in new start ups and many individuals who have been redudant in 2009 have taken the opportunity of starting a business.

I am looking forward to this year and would expect most people to be more optimistic but still take a more business like approach to their lives and careers back up planning and risk awareness.

I have over the festive and holiday peiod been busy browsing and just reading and searching what information for new start-ups is available. I have come across a number of sites that are useful and worth bookmarking and are listed below:


Cobweb publishes a unique range of information packages to help you start and grow a business.

Part of Cobweb publishing, Scavenger has over 800 reports and guides to help research a business idea or market, write a business plan, and start up a small business. This is a pay as you go site.

This is a free portal to thousands of links and many fact sheets covering all apects of business.

Wish you all well for this year.
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