05 August 2015

Giving an Internship - Why Bother?

It’s tough for young people entering the working world. They often find themselves in the Catch 22 of needing experience to get a job, but not being able to get a job to gain the experience! Why should you help? Interns and volunteers are a burden, right? Plus, you’ve heard horror stories like this. But have you ever considered an intern could be doing you and your business a favour? It may be a great boost for their CV but it can also be a boost for business. So what are the benefits your business could reap from running internships or traineeships?

Manage your workflow more effectively and increase productivity

Simply put, more hands mean more productivity. Your employees will benefit from the extra help, allowing them to be more productive.

Try before you buy

Just because a candidate shines in an interview doesn’t mean they will be perfect for your team. Running an internship programme gives you a chance to assess how someone fits in with the way your business operates and how they get on with other members of the team, before you commit to hiring them full time. It’s also a chance for an intern to try your business out.

Build your business’s future

You will often find after ‘trying out’ an intern that they are a great asset to your business and you wish to keep them on as a full-time paid employee, making your recruitment process a lot more efficient.

Bring in new ideas

Young people have a fresh take on things, are technologically advanced and are full of innovative ideas that may give your business the refresh you didn’t even realise you needed. Invite interns to team discussions and value their contributions. It’s a chance for them to partake in business brainstorming, and for you to possibly gain a brand new perspective.

Give something back

Your business probably relies on the local community in some way so why not give something back to them? By taking students or graduates on as interns, you are giving a boost to the local educational system. Your business will gain a great reputation for lending a hand to young people trying to get on the career ladder.

Introduce your team to management

Interns and volunteers need training and guidance, which is where your staff come in. It presents the perfect opportunity for staff to hone their management skills and get better at what they do, which is of course good news for business.

Whilst the advantages are great, you must keep in mind that by hiring an intern you are committing to training and developing them – it is not just an excuse for free labour. If you or your employees cannot dedicate time to guide and mentor an intern, then you should reconsider. You will not reap the benefits if you cannot spend the time training. Remember, in the long run, interns should save you time as they can help to effectively manage your workflow by taking on those extra tasks you never quite get round to doing properly. With your mentoring and guidance, interns will help grow your business and accomplish your future.

Has your business had experience with interns? I would like to hear your thoughts.

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