06 August 2006


Don't Surrender - Get More!

If you are interested in surrendering your endowment policy - DON'T. Try selling it because you could get up to 45% more than the surrender value offered by the life office.

As a Broker and Finance Specialist I aim to get you the best price for your endowment policy by offering it to over 12 potential buyers ensuring that one stop gets your endowment policy the maximum exposure, which saves you the time in ringing numerous companies and should ensure that you get the best price for your endowment policy.

If your policy is saleable, this almost always ensures a higher price than the surrender value offered by the life office because the surrender value almost always incurs penalties which do not occur by selling your endowment policy.

Unlike some Traded Endowment Companies who are owned by market makers and are not totally independent - my aim is to get you the highest price for your endowment policy.
I will assess any traditional with profits endowment or whole of life policy offered to me but I am especially interested in policies from:

Britannic, CIS, Clerical Medical, Commercial Union, Friends Provident, General Accident, Irish Life, Legal and General, Liverpool Victoria, Norwich Union, Pearl, Prudential, Royal London, Scottish Amicable, Scottish Mutual, Scottish Widows, Standard Life.

If your policy is tradeable, you will have the opportunity to forward your full details to me and I will aim to get you the best market price within 72 hours.

Please email me for list of information that is required.
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