08 November 2008

Reclaim back you business bank charges

Many banks are now paying compensation for business banking charges, as businesses claim back money that the bank has charged them in unfair fees.
If your business breaks any of the terms and conditions associated with its bank account, for example, if you exceed your overdraft limit, the bank will charge your business. The law is clear that any charges by the bank must reflect the actual costs of damages incurred, but many banks charge more money than they should. Estimates of the maximum amount that any bank can justifiably charge is usually about £2.50 whereas charges are commonly about £30.

Many people have already successfully recovered all of the charges plus interest that occurred in the past six years on their current business accounts as well as closed bank accounts and (Six years is as far back as you can go in the courts).

You can do this too, whether you're claiming against your bank's charges or your business credit card. Compensation claims can be made independently or through independent claims specialists. There are several advantages to making a claim through an independent company: You will save time and money as most companies do everything on your behalf. Most companies operate on a no win-no fee basis. If the case goes to court you will receive advice and representation in court, and any necessary fees will be underwritten.

I can put you in touch with a expert financial claims management company that has a nationwide coverage and specialises in reclaiming unfair bank charges, providing: A No Win No Fee Service Expert friendly advice Handling your case from start to finish.

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