09 November 2008

Sale and Rentback code of practice

There has been a number of stories reported in the media about problems with the practice of sale and rent backs and although a very useful option for many, with many Win: Win situations created. However a minority of the companies set up in this market have unscrupulous practices which have been widely reported and subsequently there has been various calls for regulation of the sale and rent back market.

This has given rise to a number of organisations who have been formed to introduce self-regulation and a code of practice. The main ethical code of practice operators in the market are:


The Property Buyers Association (PROBAS) was established by established companies such as by A Quick Sale Limited, UK Property Buyers and North East Property Buyers.


NLA RentBack (formerly NASARB) is part of the National Landlords Association (NLA), the leading independent national organisation for private residential landlords.


The Rent Back Charter Association is a not for profit company that has been formed by a number of individual prominent below market value investor.
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