24 June 2018

Talking about People and the most important qualities I seek - a new video

Running a business is not a "One man Show" and No one is "self-made" in that respect.

We all need people and we have all had the support of others in our lives to help us in some shape or form. The key is always finding and working with the right people for you.

My view is that the best of your team work themselves - in that they work for their own self respect, values and ambition.

They are self-motivated and want to do the right thing so nobody has to push them, drive their performance or mico-manage them. They themselves are keen to make their mark and make a difference in everything that they do. It is these people that we want in our business - I look for people that are humble and hungry (from my 3H system).

These people are true assets and benefit all around them including the wider community. They are hungry (ambitious) but not ruthless or arrogrant in their beliefs and attitudes. They are loyal, patient and are working towards the long run and lasting success.

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